The Gospel of Christ

“It has been has been communicated on all seven continents, in thousands of languages, to people of all races, throughout twenty centuries.

It has been transmitted through the printed word, spoken word, in song, through visual image and dramatization. Glimpsed by a smile and felt by a touch.  Displayed on billboards and written down in books, depicted in fine art and etched in tombs. It has been shared in sanctuaries and open fields, war-torn trenches, and rocky mountainsides. It has been uttered inside palace walls and in cardboard shanties. It has been seen on TV screens and appears in every night’s sky.

It has comforted people in hospitals and prisons and taught in schools and universities. It instructs the young and revives the aged. It has been received with thunderous applause, hushed silence, and frantic protest.


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It has confounded the wise yet is accessible to the simple. Open to the humble but closed to the proud.

It is not controlled by any man or the patent of any corporation, or the possession of any potentate. It has been transmitted by princesses and paupers, scholars and serfs. It was kindled among the Israelites and fanned ablaze among the Gentiles.

It will not be extinguished; its light will not go out. It dominates all enemies.

It is the fullness of the ages, the mystery which was to be revealed in the last days. It is the heritage of our fathers and remains ever relevant. It ends wayward rebellion and sparks peaceful revolution. It calms the yearning of the created order and the unsettled human heart. It brings tears and joyful singing. It has sailed through the ages untainted and uncorrupted. It is the bailout for humanity’s sin debt, yet has no monetary cost. It has no qualification but unconditional surrender. It has no tolerance for vanity but welcomes sincere contrition.

It has regenerated hearts, restored minds, and reconciled men to God.  It has altered the course of nations and lit the torch of human freedom. It is the pinnacle of HIS-story.

It champions morality and gives rise to respect for all life. It has civilized society and promulgates peace. It replaces chaos with shalom.

It transforms foes into friends, sinners into saints, reconnects families and restores friendships. It prospers economies and inspires innovation.

It renews hope. It overcomes injustice and ends oppression. It turns orphans into heirs, strengthening the weak and emboldening the timid.

It stands down deception and opposes falsehood.

It has liberated the addict and comforted the mourner. It cheers the laborer in her toils. It produces charity and compassion. It is the foundation for education and the impetus for health care. It unites the bride and groom in holy matrimony. It is making all things new!

It was promised in the garden and fully blooms in Heaven. It was achieved by one but blesses the multitudes. Actualized on a single day, bringing rejoicing forevermore!



A former rebel now fighting for The Righteous King, Pastor Jeremy Poland lives with his wife & 6 children in Houston, TX.

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