The Button Hook

One of the first plays a football receiver learns is the button hook. The mechanics are simple; the receiver runs full speed and the QB launches the ball while you are running. Then you turn completely around to catch the airborne ball before the defensive player can react. We’ve all run full speed into trouble, streaking away from God. We’ve employed our own game plan, at our pace, based upon our own rules. But in His grace, He has thrown the plan of salvation our way. While we were sprinting out of bounds, Christ walked to the cross. While we lived in unrighteous- ness, He lived a perfect life. The only response needed is to turn completely to receive His new life. A Christian simply defined is one who has run the button hook. He ran away with the world, but turned to catch the Gospel!

“While we were sinners Christ died for us” Rom 5:8

Have you turned around to for the most important catch of your life?


A former rebel now fighting for The Righteous King, Pastor Jeremy Poland lives with his wife & 6 children in Houston, TX.

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