Have you experienced what it’s like to be on the outside? The full understanding that you are without a set of benefits that insiders enjoy is painful. We feel this when we are not welcome in a group or invited to join the team. When we sense the holiness of the God Almighty, in light of our deep sinfulness, the separation is searing. Because of our willful transgression we stand outside of His presence. Thankfully Christ, the entirely righteous, divine insider has opened heaven’s door for us. With His broken body on the cross, He suffered to earn our admission. He transforms darkness to light, making enemies to be friends. His power He raises dead things back to life. Christ changes everything!

“…Behold, I am making all things new.” Rev 21:5

Have you become an insider through Christ Jesus?


A former rebel now fighting for The Righteous King, Pastor Jeremy Poland lives with his wife & 6 children in Houston, TX.

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