Eternal Reality

People mention that their sport games seem to go by fast and that they wish they were longer. Once the season starts, in only a snap the mid-point comes around, and then the playoffs arrive. 0-0 records quickly become filled with stats and results. Ever noticed how crowded stadiums populated with screaming fans give way to silence and emptiness afterwards? Been there, done that, game over, left the court. As time passes, the program of this world is fading away. The junk of this life is all drifting away. The Bible tells us “The world and it’s desires pass away, but the man who does the will of God lives forever I John 2:17 . So what are we to focus on? When every noise on this earth settles and all it’s glory wanes, the greatest celebration will be the heavenly throng cheering wildly as the saints arrive!

“The work of God is this – to believe in and follow the one He sent, Christ Jesus.” John 6:29

How do you picture life beyond this world?


A former rebel now fighting for The Righteous King, Pastor Jeremy Poland lives with his wife & 6 children in Houston, TX.

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