Don’t Miss The Snap

In football there is nothing worse than missing a snap. I once watched the ball sail over the head of the quarterback on the opening play of a fourth quarter come- back drive and saw how the entire team was unravelled. The snap is the origination of the play and if the center and the quarterback don’t connect, the entire play is botched. For our life to run right, we must be in sync with our Creator. We see His majesty and beauty in the sky, in creation, in the radiance of humanity, and we encounter Him directly in Jesus Christ.

Have you considered the complex design of creation? Did someone intentionally design a football or did it just end up here by an undirected process? Did you just happen or were you intentionally planned and placed by the powerful Creator? Don’t be fooled – everything does not originate from nothing. Get your life on track, connect to your Creator through Christ. Don’t Miss the Snap.

“…He’s the image of the invisible God… Col 1:15 .

Do you see God’s handiwork in the created order?


A former rebel now fighting for The Righteous King, Pastor Jeremy Poland lives with his wife & 6 children in Houston, TX.

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