About Us

FCA Devotions provides Christian sports & recreation ministry resources For.Christian.Athletes.   Field tested sport devotions and specialty resources for recreation ministers fill this site; equipping you to more effectively reach men & women for Christ.   Having only moments to spread God’s truth before church league games & events, we developed a succinct storytelling style featuring air tight, demonstrative devotions. After years of athletic ministry experience, we know the enormous effort necessary to setup these evangelistic encounters.  The Lord has directed me to channel the frustrations and failures, the workarounds and wins of Christian sports ministry into an accessible aid for fellow laborers.   Scant recreation ministry tools were available to me when we started and hours were required to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our church sports ministry. Quickly the majority of our time was angled toward setting up and keeping up with the details of the leagues, leaving far too little time to spiritually engage the actual athletes themselves.   If organizational action was not taken – I could have gotten bogged down into a morass of administration and missed out on ministry altogether.  So I began to create systems to tame the bureaucratic beast, and began to soar with the spiritual impact occurring through our leagues and events!   The post-game report from a decade in sports ministry is the genesis of this website.

In addition to the blog posts and resource kit, the complete collection of our devotional book is provided here as individual sport devotional posts for your free use.  Print prolifically, copy comprehensively and share supremely!    May the Lord bless you and keep you.

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