5 Minute Devotions For Kids

Anyone with any youth or children’s ministry experience knows that children have short attention spans.   Of course, ironically they do delight in being entertained.   So it is that there can be an immense challenge and supreme reward for presenting Christian devotionals to children.    Surely we can envision the thousands of Sunday school classrooms where lessons are shared each week by staff & volunteers.   What I will highlight in this post is a highly succinct 5 minute devotional for kids.   Differentiated by the greater degree of audience participation, a devotional herein is defined as an opening portion led by a confident teacher of God’s Word followed by a participation section for the children to chime in with responses and their own inventive questions.


5 Minute Devotions For Kids

Teamwork Devotions For Kids

Learning to work together is one of the chief challenges of training children in beneficial behavior.   You no doubt understand the frustrations and difficulties that develop when children descend into chaotic conflict over the most menial of causes.   Impetuous and often prone to folly, the positive virtues of Christ and his promulgation of teamwork must be instilled in them with rapidity and regularity.   One way to point youth toward a positive social behavior is by sharing teamwork devotion for kids.   This simple yet profound activity can quickly highlight the need and value for collaboration and cooperation.   Children can learn that they will all benefit from an effective effort to work together, to exert patience and pause when a spark of annoyance arises, and to harness their collective talents for mutual benefit.  Once they see that their present and their futures will be both aided by hitching their wagons together in classrooms and on playgrounds alike, I believe they will become better teammates and disciples of Christ.  A teamwork devotion for kids should be less than five minutes in length and ideally focus on a particular passage of scripture.   The verses can highlight the positive or negative element of teamwork displayed.   The following three devotional links provide a quick start to gathering material for these children’s devotions.   Each of these devotions can be opened in a printer-friendly format so you can easily hand these out to coaches or others involved.

Don’t Miss The Snap


Lifeway Devotion

How To Keep Children’s Interest During Delivery Of A 5 Minute Devotional

Interest level in children is a complex to control.   They move the direction of their eyes and ears fast and it is difficult to maintain consistency of focus for long.   Thankfully there are several strategies and techniques that can aid any presenter in appealing to the attention spans of young listeners.  With a devotional scenario lean of these keys for maximum impact:

  1. Use a loud, exaggerated voice to arrest attention at the onset.
  2. Start with the story, skip verse addresses or other religious formality.
  3. Highlight clearly how teamwork makes the dream work, or lack therein derailed the outcome.
  4. Clearly designate the verse from the rest of the material with audio clues and a proper introduction.
  5. Add snippets from your own personal experience



A former rebel now fighting for The Righteous King, Pastor Jeremy Poland lives with his wife & 6 children in Houston, TX.

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